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2022 Report of the Ratsadonprasong Fund

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Part 1: Donation Summary

On the first anniversary of the Siddhi-Issara Foundation’s chartering, we present the movements of the Ratsadonprasong Fund from 26 April 2022, when the Ratsadonprasong Fund came under the foundation’s care with a new bank account in the foundation’s name, to the end of 2022. In this period, donations from the public totaled 3,492,204.19 Baht from 9,812 transactions.

This Donation Summary is Part 1 of the Annual Report. Up next, we will tease out more stories from anonymous donation data with “Top Donors,” “Top Numbers,” “Donation Breakdown by Category,” and “Donation Drives.” Then, we will go into the fund’s operations with “Expense Summary: Cash Bail, Fines, Defendant Travel Costs, and Inmate Living Support,” “Top Expenses,” and “Case Hotspots.”

The Ratsadonprasong Fund thanks every donor and supporter for making it clear that, in the protection of people’s freedom and the affirmation of basic legal rights, the people’s first resort as well as last resort is the people. The compilation the fund’s data into graphs and infographics in this report serves to make it even more clear that every donation, no matter big or small, high-profile or anonymous, is a manifestation of the people’s will.

Read Part 1 in full here.

Part 2: Top Donors

We highlight our top donors—without names. What makes them stand out is not their identities, but the way their donations speak. Find infographics about our biggest donors, our few donors from abroad, our most frequent donors, and our most consistent donors.

Read Part 2 in full here.

Part 3: Top Numbers

The convenience in keying in specific numbers to make money transfers nowadays, without the need to fumble with coins or write out the amount in words, has become an affordance for the expression of political will through symbolically charged numbers.

Read Part 3 in full here.

Part 4: Donation Breakdown by Category

Small donations do become big donations by the power of multiplication.

Read Part 4 here.

Part 5: Donation Drives

Four fundraising phenomenons, where the people carried the fund through danger.

Read Part 5 here.

Part 6: Expense Summary

At the end of 2022, bail money from the Ratsadonprasong Fund remaining in Thai courts countrywide amounted to 56,428,500 baht (over 1.6 million US dollars). This amount is the combined bail of 947 cases.

Read Part 6 here.

Part 7: Top Expenses

We continue our annual report with highlights from bail-related expenses: Top One-Day Bail Totals, Top After-Hours Bail, Top Time Lost During Trial, and Top Bailor Energy Expenditures.

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