About Us

The Siddhi-Issara Foundation was chartered on 25 March 2022 with three main objectives:

  • To raise social awareness about human rights and legal rights.
  • To promote and protect the people’s rights and freedoms by way of allocating and providing assistance to ensure access to fair treatment in accordance with the rights of the accused during the judicial process.
  • To promote and publicize scholarly studies, artistic and cultural creations, research and archival collections of raw historical materials which pertain to the people’s rights to freedom.

Founding Board of Members

  1. Ida Aroonwong
  2. Chalita Bandhuwong
  3. Mutita Chuachang
  4. Neeranuch Niamsap
  5. Bencharat Chua


An image of a phoenix in mid-flight away from an encircling cage of barbed wire. A phoenix is a bird that never dies; it burns itself only to always rise from the ashes and live once more. Such is the resoluteness of will despite the thistles and thorns of injustice as depicted by the circle of barbed wire, the will that remains steadfast in the right to live with independence. The three-forked tail of the phoenix, positioned inside the circle to form a shape resembling the peace sign, represents our guiding principle: a compass pointing towards peaceful coexistence.

Emblem design by Chatree Prakitnonthakan

Graphic design by Boonchanin Soodtasom

Foundation Website

Content editing and translation by Peera Songkünnatham