Worachet’s Hate Mail: Selections


First exhibited at the public lecture “112 and the Monarchy: A Decade in Retrospect” by Worachet Pakeerat, on 13 November 2022, at Poonsuk Room, Pridi Banomyong International College, Thammasat University. Exhibition and graphic design by zerotwostudio.

The letters and postcards on exhibit have the following origin story, as extracted from Ida Aroonwong’s introduction to the public lecture:

“…Ajaan Worachet entrusted to us the letters and postcards he had received in the period of going public with the Article 112 amendment proposal ten years ago. They encompass both fan mail and hate mail. As collected objects, they evince the content and the form of communicative efforts in that era: writing by hand or by typewriter, folding a letter in an envelope, putting on a stamp, filling in the addressee, and waiting days for the delivery of one’s message. In those that feature illustrations, effort was put into cutting and gluing them on. And I am certain that if we take time to inspect them more closely, we will be able to distinguish between letters from the general public and letters from the Info Ops of yore. We have therefore selected some examples to be displayed in front of the lecture hall today, to add to the mood of retrospection, which may also be nostalgic.

But of course, the letters displayed here will not include any laudatory ones, as I can deduce that as much as Ajaan Worachet may feel appreciative of the good will and generosity of the writers of those letters, he probably won’t be comfortable with being portrayed as a hero to the extent of glorifying him. So today we only exhibit the other side which might instead paint him to be a bit of a tragic hero.

Actually, certain other letters exist that, despite not agreeing with Ajaan Worachet’s proposal, lay out their counterarguments in a sincere manner and without the need to display maliciousness. They are not part of the selection here today, because the authors revealed their identities as if to reaffirm the purity of their intentions, so I will read you all an extract from such a letter to close out, before handing the stage over to Ajaan Worachet.

The author of this letter comes from Surin Province. She begins by saying that she does not know Ajaan Worachet personally, but is writing because she saw that he is the core leader of Khana Nitrat who proposed amendments to Article 112, of which she writes:

I must confess that I do not have the tried-and-true information whether or not they are good and beneficial for the monarchical institution. Some say that the amendments will serve to protect the institution. Others say they will diminish and destroy royal authority. In any case, I have not looked too much into it, only absorbed what news I saw on the papers, on several television channels, and on the internet here and there. I could not come to a judgment whether they are good or not.

But when it comes to me personally, Professor, I have to write you a letter. The arhat of my house has been devastated and depressed by the news, sometimes on television, sometimes on the papers, that they are going to topple the king. This was too much for me, her child, to witness. Try as I might to explain it, my mother just could not understand, perhaps because I did not understand it either, so I could not make her understand it… I would simply like to point out, Professor, so you look at it from another perspective of a fellow citizen of yours, who is old, whose eyes are turning gray because of blurred vision: how devastated she is by the actions of Khana Nitirat.

And in the midst of her pleas, this letter writer also leaves with a thought:

I am of the view that at this time the country has enough problems, and that it is not yet time to broach the subject of this article. But once this time period is over, I will not take issue at all. And you might have my support as well.

Her letter is dated 7 February 2555. Now, ten years have passed. Is she, together with those who share her opinion, ready for us all to talk about it once again? Because in all that distance that has been spent waiting for “the time” to arrive, many fellow citizens of hers, as well, have suffered: not only devastated and depressed, but also detained, separated, silenced, both in the sense of having to keep quiet and in the sense of having died or disappeared. So very many by now. The hope that we as fellow Thai people will open our mouths and talk to one another in a considerate and straightforward manner about just one article of the law of the country should not be something out of reach—now that so much more than a lifetime has elapsed.”

(To read Ida Aroonwong’s introduction in full, click here.)

Exhibit 1

(From left to right)

You probably want to know who I am, so why don’t
you try walking on the streets, and you’ll learn
how sweet and tasty a foot in your mouth is.

TU 98

You won’t always be lucky, next time you’ll get
stamped on the face, if you don’t quit running wild.

TU 98

You ought to know what a debt of gratitude is.
Next time you’re getting stamped on the face.

TU 98

Exhibit 2


Our Chinese family who
loves the Thai nation would
like to invite the Chinky, the
Ingrates to go live in a country
that your kind desires.
Don’t live under the royal
roof that shelters our heads.

(Top right)

To Mr. Worachet Pakeerat
Hey you professor of law from hell, have you any idea of
right and wrong? You take scraps of money from Convict
Thaksin Shinawatra who’s fleeing prison time and whose
many schemes of corruption changed laws to benefit the
man Thaksin Shinawatra. If you don’t know right and wrong,
then you’re like a servile dog with no dignity, that whenever
it’s hungry comes out barking and howling to get scraps
of food. The money you got already ran out? Want more?
You hell animal. Subhuman low life like your kind, may
every one of you rot in hell, you Nitirat gang and all your
forefathers and foremothers.

(Bottom right)

7 Feb 2012
Mr. Worachet Pakeerat
                Are you human? Have your dad and mom ever knocked any sense into you?
Why are you this evil? That doctorate degree you got, who gave you the scholarship?
Why are you such an evil ingrate? This also applies to Ai Charnvit Kasetsiri, Piya
butr, and 3-4 more I don’t know their names. If your kind finds whatever country
to be better, then you should leave with your entire bloodline to settle in that country
already. When you were little, your dad and mom must have made you eat shit.
What your kind cares about is the scraps of money Ai Rectangle-Faced hands you.
                                                From a Chaiyaphum resident

Exhibit 3

(Top left)

Please send to Dr. Worachet Pakeerat
Faculty of Law, Thammasat University
Tha Phra Chan Road
Phra Borom Maha Ratchawang Subdistrict
Phra Nakhon District
Krung Thep Maha Nakhon


                 Such is the monk’s (Pali) saying
“Kammusna vatati loko” Earthly beings
are led by karma.
                 If your ideas are charged
– (negatively) toward a third party or anyone
then the same shall be reflected back to you.
        Graduate with a Bachelor’s degree = believes in the professors
                          with a Master’s degree = believes in themselves
                          with a Doctor’s degree = believes in the demons
You who graduated a Dr., why did you not believe
these words? Ancient words of wisdom say: play
with whatever you want, but don’t play with ghosts and gods,
don’t play with monks and royals.
                 If you bring your knowledge
to the students, so that all their knowledge is +
(positively) oriented, you will be like a saint
who is respected/admired by all.

(Bottom left)

To Khana Nitirat (NitiVaranus)
Faculty of Law
Thammasat University
Tha Phra Chan
Krung Thep Maha Nakhon

(Bottom right)

You bunch of NitiVaranuses, did your
forefathers and foremothers get done
in by the institution or what you bunch
of devils and she-devils? You watch out,
you touch the institution you won’t have
a country to live in. If Article 112 is to be
amended, it must be amended so that
the punishment is execution for violators
and their bloodline three steps above and below.
You bunch of fuckers are dogs serving the political

(Top right)

party of capitalists. You bunch conspired
to rob the country. Don’t be
claiming that you people were elected
by 15 million votes—my people
are among the 50 million. I’m not
fucking giving in, you devil.

A Southerner

Exhibit 4

(Top left)

I’m putting a curse
on your kind
to find no rest in life
and no peace in death, to
meet hellfire burning
the heart and the head
of you, you, and all of you

To Bloodline Pakeelad
Thammasat U.
Tha Phra Chan

(Bottom left)

Your mother must have had dog ticks
in her cunt when you were born, making you
such a mouthy ingrate to the country.
What did the king ever do
to your forefathers and foremothers
to make you such an unrepentant
ingrate to His Majesty’s scholarship?
Ai Worachet, you cuntface. Whores sell their cunts but they don’t sell their country.

Mr. Worachet Pakeerat
Faculty of Law
Thammasat University
2 Tha Phra Chan Road

(Top right)

Have you told your dad and mom today
to make an oath that they’ll raise their child
to be a grateful person to the nation,
upright and moral, not a traitor
to the Thai people, in his bid to be
a constitution drafter in place of the CDA?

Dr. Worachet Pakeerat (Pimp)
Nitirath Thammasat University
Tha Phra Chan

(Bottom right)

I’m putting a curse
on all of your kind
to go be tormented
no rest in living
no end in dying
eating your own shit drinking your own piss for a fitting thousand lifetimes

Ai Water Monitor Worachet Nitirag
Thammasat U
Tha Phra Chan

Exhibit 5

(Top left)

I’d like to support amending Article 112
from 8 years’ imprisonment to a life sentence.
Especially you bunch of fuckers, you shouldn’t have been born in this land.
You fuckers took a dog’s place in the womb. Dogs know gratitude, but
you aren’t just ungrateful to the Lord of the Land, in return of his favor
you also betray your homeland. The day that you die I’m going to
piss on the side of your coffin. I’m going to put on a curse burning chili and salt
burning your name, your family name, your fucking lineage to ruination
never to rise from the depths and be born on this land again for good.

(Bottom left)


               All you can be is a “Profeces.” You study-teach law
but are hell bent on using the law to benefit the corrupters
of the country. It’s revolting. I will warn you against claiming
to speak for “the people” because you and your associates use
the law to the benefit of thieves… Go away from Thammasat
I say, you “NitiRats”
                                        Student of TU

(Top right)

To the core leader of Nitirat:
     What shenanigans are your gang up to, you animal?
Were you born on Thai soil? You ever recognize the kind
favor done to you by the land that you were born on?
You servile dog of fucking Maoism, you want to take
over the country, take over other people’s land.
You Maoist animals. Your gang better come outside
not take cover behind university walls, you animal.
     The tamarind trees still line Sanam Luang, a bunch
of traitors to this land already got hanged, they’re waiting
for just your gang now, you animal.

(Bottom right)

Hey Professor Cuntface, what did His Majesty ever do to your forefathers
and foremothers? For your brain to be a cushion for Somebody’s fucking
is beyond what it can hope to do. You traitor to the land’s kindness.
Your mouth still smells like your mother’s cunt hole, you mongrel
species. You whose godforsaken parents never taught any manner, watch out
I swear if I see you anywhere, you’re fucking dead.
You lowest of the low, that scholarship your dad and mom didn’t
have the wits to pay for themselves is a scholarship of the Lord
of the Land, and you have the gall to betray Him. Your mother’s cunt hole
must have got dog ticks inside the cunt hole when you were born.

Exhibit 6

(A clear bag mailed from Houston, Texas, containing the book เราจะครองแผ่นดินโดยธรรม ตามรอยพระยุคลบาทด้วยทศพิธราชธรรม or I Will Rule the Land With Righteousness: Following in His Majesty’s Footsteps With the Ten Kingly Virtues, and a print-out document titled “จีรังจริต 6 : ทฤษฎีบุคลิกภาพตามแนวพุทธปรัชญา” or “The Six Jirung Carita: A Theory of Character According to Buddhist Philosophy”)

From: Sila Samadhi Panna

I wish this will
Enjoy the pocketbook
and Jirung 6.

Exhibit 7

(Bottom left)

                                                                                     On 27 Sep 2011

To Khun Worachet Pakeerat and the “Nitirat” Group

               I have learned of the opinion of your group, and I see that you do not care for the common good and do not have the country’s best interests at heart. You also show an implicit lack of faith in His Majesty the King, and instead show the intention to help or serve Pol.Lt.Col. Thaksin Shinawatra, who is already proven to be an evil, corrupt man who robbed the country and the people.
               It saddens and pains me that a group of Thammasat University professors (just your group) in service of the “Red-Tailed Water Monitors” are tarnishing the name of the university, which is famed for its most long-established and well-regarded law school of Siam, just by the expression of their foul opinion of a handful of professors who betray the nation and the people.
               If you take cognizance of your role and duty, or of the ethics of being a teacher who instructs, you should know to stay neutral, not openly take sides as you have done. Now, what will those students and those colleagues of yours at the university who are pure-minded, think?
               Professorial guidance may be beneficial to both parties if it is directed toward righteousness, but if it is directed toward what is wrong, then that will surely affect the students who are the nation’s youth. If you would like to have that kind of role, you should have the Spirit of selflessness to resign from your posts as professors and establish a group to express your opinion. No one is going to oppose that, as you will be considered an independent group of scholars, whatever you say is your business. Just don’t associate the name “Thammasat University” with it. Please stop and apologize to the people. Most importantly, apologize to Thammasat University for having infringed on and unforgivably taken advantage of its name.
               In closing, and with my good wish seeing that you all are still young and still have a long future ahead: if you work to build your reputation toward righteousness, I believe that you will encounter only good things in your lives.

                                                            From someone who loves Thammasat and Thailand

(Bottom center)

A question for Worachet Pakeerat:
The king has done this much for the Thai people. Is it befitting to bite the hand that feeds you?

(Bottom right)

                       Bangkokian in the suburbs
                5 March 2012
Subject: Keep Your Busybody Hands Off Article 112
To: Khun Worachet Pakeerat, Lecturer at the Faculty of Law, TU
            Good, serves you right that the 2 guys punched you in the face for
your grandiose delusion in meddling with the Constitution in the section
on the monarchy. Can’t sit still huh. A bit too mild being punched in the face.
If it was me, I’ll slap that face with my shoes. Now keep your busybody
hands off of amending or touching the section on the monarchy
In the antiquity, with the effort it took to establish the country
of Thailand over thousands of years, if there had been no monarch to be
the leader, would the nation have survived by its own accord to this
day? The monarch must be revered above one’s head. You’ve made it
as a professor, how come you are stupider than water buffalo?
            Buffalo, cows, other animals: they too have a leader of the pack.
You are a teacher, how come you are so stupidly oblivious!? Does this
mean you haven’t studied Thai history? The higher your degree,
the more oblivious and stupid you get, exactly like our ancients
used to say. Even the military or various other organizations
they don’t touch the section on the monarchy. Serves you right
getting punched in the face. A bit too mild. If this was the ancient
era, your neck would certainly have flown off your body
along with your entire bloodline’s. Don’t be running wild.
                                                A person of little knowledge who has more
                                                sense in him than a person of knowledge

Exhibit 8

(Bottom left)

          Mr. Worachet Pakeerat (A Mahidol Scholar)

You arrogant aggro on the Holy One,
You insult Heaven, high-flying as a swan;
You villain roast His Majesty for fun,
You violate your overhead Institution.

Making the King “swear an oath” like the crowd,
Acting smart with loud, eloquent bowwow;
Good at stirring up trouble, worsening strife,
Egging bad people on so evil’s rife.

Not equals, even fingers on your hands,
You don’t listen to any opposing stance;
Scholar of grandiose delusions and least
Wisdom, not knowing we’re a different beast.

A waste of scholarship sent from the Heavens,
Should have used knowledge to creative ends;
Instead you plot the sun’s eclipse, the sky’s fall,
How short-sighted of you, how low, the gall.

Our Thai nation has a taproot, a core,
Have you forgotten histories of yore?
Truth is you’re just a finger-suckling infant,
Needs lots more practice until you’re experienced.

Nitirat, you show-off philosophart,
Acts grand as if to say I’m super smart;
Ingrate to the sky and soil of the country:
When villains get whacked, they won’t see it coming.

Weigh down the land, people like this (Worachet)
weigh down the land. People who sell out and sell the nation,
who seize upon the opportunity to point the way for the enemy
– People like this (Worachet) weigh down the land.
How many hundred million baht did Ai Thaksin buy you for? Ai Archdevil Pakeerat

                               Someone who loves the King

(Bottom center)

To Asst. Assoc. Dr. Assoc. Prof. Worachet Pakeerat Asst. Prof. Jantajita Iammay Dr. Thapanan Nipittakul Dr. Teera Suteewarangkul Dr. Piyabut Saengkanokkul Dr. Sawitri Suksri
     Khana Nitirat
          What has the Thai monarchical institution done to harm Thai people? What gave you the idea to do away with the institution that is exalted and has an enduring bond with Thai people, a bond that predates the origin of your godforsaken ancestors?
          Just 10 or so years of academic experience under your belt and you think you know the Thai system and culture of governance so well, thinking the Thai monarchy to be a harmful thing that must be eliminated from Thailand. Should such people be called Academics with a Foot for a Face? Have you actually studied Thai history inside and out?
          Thai history has had a bond with the monarchical institution since primordial times. These monarchs have done a great service to the country, keeping the land safe and intact so that you and your forebears have a place to live on to this day. You were born barely 30-40 years ago and now you’re set on toppling the institution that is beloved by all in the land for the good that His Majesty has been doing for Thai people throughout his life.
          The issue that you as an academic in the country should show up to and help the country first, the issue that is harming Thai people at this moment, is the ineffective enforcement of the law. Between these two things, which one do you think takes priority? If you think you should do the former, then I lament the tax money that has been spent on your studies all the way up to your titles of Assoc. Prof., Asst. Prof., Dr.. You got those degrees but don’t have the brain matter to prioritize what’s more urgently needed in society and in the country. Why don’t you brainstorm together as jurists for ideas to propose to the government how to effectively enforce the law? Why don’t you do that? Does the idea you’re propounding right now befit the degrees in your hands?
          If the monarchy hasn’t remained in Thailand all this time, the country would have become Communist a long time ago. And if Thailand were actually Communist, you think you’d get to enjoy yourselves eating walking standing sitting sleeping the way you do now? In a country riddled with corruption, the proletariat will soon rise up and force everyone to be equally human with Communism. Will you, along with your children, wife, husband, father, mother, not be on the receiving end when that day comes?
          Don’t earn yourselves the title of Ingrate to the food and water that Thai people all over the country have poured over your heads helping you survive and thrive to this day.
          Even a kindergartener can answer which one takes priority between the two issues. What about your brain matter—isn’t it more undeveloped than a kindergartener’s? In view of this, you think you deserve to continue living on Thai soil?

(Bottom right)

Mr. Worachet
          That punch on the face was too minor. Because you fuckers
had the audacity to disrespect the high-level institution. Disaster
awaits you bunch of profeces living off of Thammasat. May each
and every one of you meet disaster and nothing else. You should
go amend Article 112 over there in Hell. Don’t be a stain on Tham-
masat U, you bunch of water monitors.
          Don’t you know that the Chakri dynasty has protected Thai
land and enabled it to survive a long list of disasters? You fuckers
descended from aliens who came to live off of Siamese land, how
dare you be traitors to the land? Pure evil./
                                        100% Thai person
                                        Singburi, the Home of the Brave
                                        1 Mar 12.

Exhibit 9

Passing along this text of “thinking different” (as evil people like to say) for the 8 professors to read so they come to recognize how disgraceful they are.

(circle around the loanword “activist”)→ACTIVIST/=nak khluean wai. These people learn a foreign language for a bit and proceed to use it to brag. Thai, the national language, is right there but they don’t have the sense to use it well first. They follow Westerners’ behind, suck on Westerners’ saliva, and think they’re so smart! Ingrates to the nation. Khun Chuwit said, even dogs are loyal to the master who raises them, even dogs are better than these people.

(circle around the words “a group of intellectuals”)→These aren’t intellectuals, more like street dogs or human scum who don’t do anything good for their nation and their native land and their own parents. A waste of having been born on Thai soil.

(circle around the words “The institution will have difficulties maintaining its stature. The system that is being advocated for at the moment is a system that most corresponds to international standards”)→After studying abroad for a bit they act grand and know it all. People of low brainpower/intelligence. Self-interested. Want to fight and get rich like their other co-conspirators. They can instead use their brains to bring about scrupulous development and improve society by eliminating poverty among the poor, exterminating corruption among the politicians, helping the nation make economic and commercial gains, bringing revenue in the country, teaching their students and society at large to have virtue, ethics, and morality, coming up with useful ideas to make Thai people not look out for themselves and what they can gain, fixing laws to increase punishment for criminals and culprits, fixing other laws on principle, but no, they try to fix, using their dog brains to try to fix 112 and other laws which bring useless trouble to themselves. You call yourselves Ajaan, but I think you are more like A. Kee Teen or A. Krajok.!

(circle around the words “and what will happen in the aftermath is something none of us desires, and we will not be able to predict what will happen”)→Coup d’etat is the best option. The country will not be tumultuous like nowadays. Thai society is ill-equipped in terms of intelligence so evil people take the opportunity to lead society toward what is wrong and immoral, and then conflict will prevail, the economy will go bust. I mean this very group of stray dog professors. Thai society is still not ready or at the necessary level for democracy. Poor general knowledge, education. Killings every day. Dictatorship is the way to go for peace, like China, Singapore, Vietnam, Burma, certain Islamic countries, then the country will be peaceful.

(circle around the words “where the head of state will be required to swear an oath to act according to the constitution and protect the constitution before assuming office”)→How dare you, you human scum, you dog rummaging for scraps of food when they want to get juicy chunks of meat one day.

(circle around Worachet Pakeerat’s image)→You stinky dog (this is the choice word Lawyer Wanchai used on his radio show). You human scum. Still smelling of your mother’s milk. Traitor to the nation, ingrate to the land. Ingrate to your parents who raised you. You study for a bit, and without knowing the practice or having the experience you act smart, be a dog for others to use, be a tool for others to use, want to fight and get rich like other people. How can you be a smart professor? If you’re truly smart why don’t you go live abroad? If you’re the shit why don’t you go teach in a country where they don’t have a monarch or have one you can reprimand? We’ll see whether or not you get arrested. Don’t stay retracted in your shell acting grand in Thailand your native home. Get out and live abroad, that is suitable for a dog of an ingrate kind.